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Digital Videos for Mass Marketing and Effective Communication

Hospitals and Healthcare companies are on the go for achieving the mass market leadership. Extending the reach and holding the reach are the two criteria that decide the growth. In this consumer-centric world, more and more innovative techniques and tactics have to be implemented, so as to feel the taste of success.




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2D Character

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3D Videos

Different Video Styles to choose from

Videos on Fitness, Diet, Lifestyle and Stress

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for garnering influence, reaching audience, and building brand awareness and trust. Now-a-days people are more interested in watching videos related to fitness and lifestyle, than reading about it. In videos they are getting a real-time view on how to do it. Do you agree?

Utilization of videos in promoting Services of Hospitals and Private Practices

Most of the top-service hospital service providers are creating videos that cater different requirements of patients and staff. As videos are the currently available best communication and marketing tool, medical practitioners are using it effectively.

Sample Videos

International Yoga Day

This video was created as a mark of respect to the first International Day of Yoga 2015. This video is about Yoga and its myriad benefits. In this video the Toon Explainers have tried to clarify most raised questions: From where yoga originated? And is it related to any religion?


Doc24Seven, an American healthcare service provider, created this video to the show their work pattern to their clients. The video explains the pattern of service provided to patients and doctors in simple, affordable and secure way.

MediSapiens - Bio-IT solutions

MediSapiens, a Bio-IT solutions provider, created videos to show how they digitized bio-business by integrating the big biomedical data. The video focuses on its core solution, the Explorer™ Technology Platform – a comprehensive collection of industry-used modules and user interface technologies. The video clear explains how Explorer Technology can be used to deliver exactly what is needed to reach your goals – rapidly and cost-effectively

Some of the most searched videos on fitness, lifestyle and diet are the following

  • 1. What role does stress play in weight gain
  • 2. How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy
  • 3. Exercises that you can suggest to eradicate stress
  • 4. Tips to Gain Weight in a Health Way
  • 5. Fastest and healthiest way to gain weight
  • 6. Prevalent Reasons for Gaining Weight
  • 7. How to Deal with Stress
  • 8. Yoga For Stress Relief
  • 9. The Affect of Yoga On Stress
  • 10. Breathing Exercise Yoga for Stress Relief
  • 11. Top 5 home remedies for stress
  • 12. Magic Remedies to Lose Weight
  • 13. Lose Weight Effectively at Home
  • 14. Lose Weight with Raw Diet

If You Want to Grow Quickly, and Earn Profit All The Way, Change The Marketing Tactics.

Videos are mostly used in the following areas

One of the benefits of creating videos is that it can be created,
re-created and shared through various social platforms

Smart Video Initiatives to Improve Communication with patients, visitors, and staff alike

Medical Library videos

A hospital overview video

Health awareness videos

A video on different services offered by the hospital

Product and Service Videos

A video on patient testimonials

A video on patient testimonials

Videos that explain and educate public

A virtual video tour for first-time patients

Videos on frequently asked questions

Home health procedure videos

A General Health care

A Welcome Video at the entrance or near patient waiting room

A video that introduce the doctors, nurses and hospital staff

Types of videos

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